Ethiopia Mission Trip Updates

There have been many problems with getting communication from our Church Members in Ethiopia. The issues range from consistent electricity to availability of Internet and Phone Services that are scattered amongst the locations. We have received a few updates via E-mail however and would like to share those that we do receive with you. Please remember and continue to pray for the Members and people on this Mission Trip.

On July 7, 2012 - Janet Davis E-mail "Hello from Ethiopia!"

"Today was the last of the meetings we had 5 baptisms today, Bruce's site had 52.  The devil has been working hard, lots of communication problems, transportation problems and room charge problems, but we have all been blessed. We have made lots of friends. Found a boyfriend for Ayana. It's amazing that just a camera can be intriguing to the people here. We will see you in a week." -Janet

On July 15, 2012 - Dave Dobias E-mail "A Picture for you"

 "Eric Lance, from Upward church pictured with a woman- who had a dream
three weeks earlier, she saw him, huge crowds, and many deciding for
truth!- 120 were baptized!" - Dave

Picture of Eric Lance and Ethiopian Woman who dreamed of Baptized Crowd.

 On July 16, 2012 - Bruce Davis E-mail "Ethiopia Pictures"

"When I was at Shissho church about one hour drive south into the country from Awasa. We traveled on a Toyota mini bus designed for 12 passengers, but had more on board up  to 17 people.

I was outside for the meeting. The church could hold about 500 to 600 people. Where we were, outside; the yard held 4,500 people. I am glad I could not see them for that is a mass of people.

They had 4 choirs with beautiful robes, a young woman’s choir and a youth choir. The music is very different. No problem with people sitting on the ground, it is very natural for them.  Some nights during the first week there was some planted people from another denomination that sat intermixed throughout. When reached a certain point in the presentation, one up front would get up and many would stand, got to part way back and start a lot of chatter so loud it would over power the pa system speakers. Had to stop to let the deacons handle the situation while I prayed.   The baptism was about 124 people with the district pastor baptizing the new members.

Looking out the hotel window would see armed military walking down the street. When going into the bank there is an armed guard that will pat you down for weapons. Usually there is 3 military by the back.  There are markets nearby to purchase just about anything that can be sold. When traveling to the site the mini bus would be stopped 1-4 times at road side check points looking for proper papers.

When we went to the airport out in the country, military would stop and search the minibus and check our passports, then another team would check just as we turned into the drive way and the final check would happed just before entering the terminal.   When traveling the driver has to have proper paper work, the military is monitoring for terrorists.

 Saw many huge fields plowed cover thousands of Acres all done by oxen. Every bit of the land is planted, very little trees left due to the plowing.

 If you need more let  I have more pics and things to say. My body is in another time period and my mind gets lost somewhere.  Hope this helps!" -Bruce

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